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DCBEAGLE Challenges



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Key Stages:





Arcademic Skill Builders

Fast moving games to help pupils to learn basic skills

BBC’s Revision programme

Boggle number

Similar to the word game but using digits

Calculators for Kids

Several links to websites which offer calculator activities


Interesting, thought provoking research papers

Cool Math

Many interactive puzzles, resources for teachers

Count On

Games and activities but showing its age

Countdown game

Same principles as the Channel 4 game

Counting Down!

Countdown examples created by DCBEAGLE Challenges

Dictionary for Kids

Clear, colourful and informatiive diagrams


Schemes and programmes of work / policies / past papers

Fibonacci numbers

Very interesting facts and amazing sequences

History of mathematics

A comprehensive website from St Andrew's University

ICT Games

Interactive games for young children

Illuminations resources

American - many actvities and worksheets


Large library of interactive activities.

Lesson ideas

Interactive, paper based covering a wide spectrum

Loop card generator

Put in your parameters and the program does the rest

Make 24 v1.pdf

Make 24

Use ALL 4 values to make the answer 24

Maths is Fun!

Wide range of interactive and paper based activities

Murderous Maths

Good resource for problem solving ideas. A whacky site


Interesting research papers, online magazines


Vast source of enrichment mathematics

Numbers 1 to 31

Interesting facts and activiites using the numbers 1 to 31

Primary Resources

Library of worksheets, PowerPoint and interactive activities

Puzzle Maker

Resource for problem solving, independent learning

Shape - 3D

Facts, formula, interactive assignments

Shape - 3D - boxes

Puzzles estimating cubes in larger shapes

Shape 3D - nets

Nets and activities with the nets and perspective of the shapes

Shape 3D - viewing shapes

Plot the plan of the shapes as seen from an angle

Starter for the day

An activity to solve each day. Extensive archives


The traditional game online. Logical thinking at its best

TES resources

Free trading post of resources for teachers by teachers

Time zones

Map of the world showing all the time zones

Top Marks - search machine

Website with many links to games and activiities

Transum software

Interactive activities, interesting articles, YouTube listing

Virtual Manipulatives

Making things work visually for the pupils